Lithic Raw Material Economies in Late Glacial and Early Postglacial Europe
British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1093 (2002)

Edited by Lynn E. Fisher & Berit Valentin Eriksen

179 pages; illustrated throughout with plans, maps, tables, drawings and photographs; paperback

ISBN 1-84171-471-2
£ 35.00 

Lithic analyses of all kinds have a long history in archaeological studies. For many years, morphological studies of tool-types and elaborate discussions of relative chronologies were a primary focus, but this has changed and the past few decades have witnessed a steadily growing interest in many other aspects of lithic studies. The 12 papers in the present volume provide a variety of perspectives on lithic exploitation patterns in late glacial and early postglacial Western Europe (from Poland to Portugal). The book grew from a symposium held at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology held in Anaheim in 1994, and the editors hope that the volume will stimulate more inter-regional discussions of data and ideas, as well as general interpretive problems regarding lithic raw material economy in late glacial and early postglacial.

Contributions by:

Nuno Ferreira Bicho, Pièrre Bodu, Berit Valentin Eriksen, Lynn E. Fisher, Harald Floss, André Gob, Joachim Hahn, Michéle Julien, Jean-Marc Léotard, Monice Olive, Marcel Otte, Lawrence G. Straus, Zofia Sulgostowska, Yvette Taborin, Eric Teheux, Paul Thacker, Boris Valentin

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